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"BONE ATID", an Urban Renewal Management Company, specializes in leading complex projects in the field of urban renewal, evacuation-construction / TAMA 38 of buildings and neighborhoods, with the aim of enhancing assets for apartment owners while improving the quality of life for residents throughout the country.


Our company works to represent and accompany apartment owners from the idea stage to the delivery of the new apartments. We accompany the project from end to end, including performing feasibility tests for potential compounds, working with all professionals and authorities until you receive your dream apartment.


The urban renewal plan in your residential building is a most significant decision whose outcomes will grant you rights of great value in your asset. The process of bringing the project into action is complex and requires joint decisions by many factors - we work on behalf of and for the residents in order to achieve for you the maximum return for your asset.


In order to implement a complex plan of this type, a deep understanding and expertise in the field are required, alongside knowledge and experience in working with different professionals. Our company is proficient in the complex processes, and is here to carry out for you a fundamental and professional execution of the project.

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